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Airforce Store

Located in Fashion Outlet - Batavia stad you'll find the retail store Airforce. 

House of SOKO helped to redesign the store. 

When you enter the store you enter an open, industrial environment with a lot of black steel and concrete. We kept the base simple because the focus should be on the products. 

We used straight shapes, white tones, and only 3 basic materials.

We chose a wooden herringbone floor, to create a touch of warmth. We went for white marble walls to give the store a sense of luxury and we used black steel to create a sense of toughness and adventure. 

Airforce represents the feeling of a warm family, it’s in their DNA to sell comfort and warmth.

Year: 2021

Location: Lelystad, Netherlands

We did: Interior Design

Size: 150 m2

Fotographer: Demi Visser


Client: '' We wanted to make sure that our brand identity would be visible in our store, industrial shapes and basic colors''.

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