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About Us

Purifing spaces for the Soul

House of SOKO is a creative design family business that is always seeking the source: purity, contemporary, serenity, luxury, and minimalism. To combine these elements with high-end craftsmanship and exclusive materials, we make sure to make the dreams and wishes of our clients come true.


By staying true to this way of working we enrich our minds. In each project, we want to highlight unique pieces, pieces that we find on our journey, and pieces that come across our path from design to end result.

Our Story

​Founder Allan Soares graduated from the Jan Des Bouvrie Academy, Saxion University of Applied Sciencesin Deventer. After this, Allan gained multiple years of experience and worked as an Interior Designer for different names in the interior industry such as E.S.T.I.D.A Amsterdam, Puurflow Architects/Atelier Markx and Osiris Hertman Studio.


His love for mimimalism, natural materials, soft luxury, imperfect beauty and art make him want to share this with the world. He want to give people a soft luxury feeling for your soul.


Meanwhile, House of SOKO has evolved into a team of designers, craftsman and painters who all play a key role in creating unique projects. 


Meet The Team


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Let's Collaborate

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