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When Serenity meets Luxury

Welcome to our House

Out of love and passion, SOKO designs high-end serene spaces and furniture.

We create a contemporary overview, comfort, and timelessness to feel luxury in your mind.

We like to create a personal design or brand made by our own craftsman. 

Every collaboration has its own unique story. 


Purifying Spaces for the Soul

HOS-Jan Krimpenweg-15.jpg

What we do

From concept to completion we offer an unique client experience, delivering handcrafted bespoke interior projects. The projects are various, from Private residences to hospitality and business to business.

Turn-Key Solutions

We build

In our house we have a surprisingly unique combination. Because we have our own craftsmen, we build what we design in our Atelier.

Providing unified expertise along with distinguished service under one establishment, SOKO delivers turn-key solutions for different clientele. 

Image by Ian Schneider

From sketch to realization

About SOKO

One of our core believes is dat we design with our heart and soul. Therefore, the human being is central in all our designs. 


Arrange a free consultation to discuss your next project.

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