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We believe that a unique and timeless interior can be accessible to everyone that loves being in calm surroundings. Our mission is to create this and help people to connect with themselves and optimise their creative flow in live.

Being in nature gives us a chance to connect and be with our higher self.

A place to be still and listen to the sound of our own melody. Quality time with ourselves is precious.

When all is silent, creativity starts to flow.


Seeing the world with the third eye is something important to us. To see without labels and judgement. 

For that reason house of SOKO welcomes all clients,

ages, backgrounds and projects.

With a keen eye we pay attention to the details.


Often while we are in the middle of a design process we find unique materials and pieces of art that fit perfectly with the client's needs. 

Think of old wood that was once part of the railway system or a painting with a beautiful story. We love this, it's spontaneous and unpredicted and we enjoy giving these pieces a rightful spot in an interior.

We love to work with creative artists. To create a spot for that special piece of art. 

A finishing touch to both the artist's works as well as our own.

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