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Recruitment Agency, Brandmannen

There’s a place in Haarlem in the industrial area: the Waardepolder, where you can find modern units with an industrial touch.Raw concrete and unique-shaped windows.

The founders from the fast-growing marketing & recruitment office, Brandmannen have asked House of SOKO to design this office into a serene and luxurious space with neutral colours and a touch of wood.

There’s a possibility to escape to the top floor where you’ll  find a rooftop bar and roof terrace.

We created this space for them to meet and relax after work.

The space is also suitable for brainstorm sessions and more casual meetings.

For their workspace we used a light color theme to make the staff feel calm and have an enjoyable work environment. 

Year: 2022

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

We did: Interior Design, Custom Furniture, Painting, financial planning

Size: 240 m2

Fotographer: Demi Visser


Development: Stock units

Client: ''There is time for work and time for play, we wanted both. Besides that, the spaces needed to create tranquillity