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Coffee bar, Toet

House of SOKO designed this special combination of a real estate agency and a coffee bar.

Designing the coffee bar in the same building as the real estate office creates a unique dynamic between the coffee bar guests and the real estate clients.

The four-meter-long coffee bar has a composite worktop with a beige stone look.

The color scheme is soft and feminine, with rich textured fabrics for the cushions.

The walnut wooden elements combined with the chalk-painted walls create a nice contrast.

Based in the center of Heemstede, this has become a real hot spot.

Year: 2022

Location: Heemstede, Netherlands

We did: Interior Design, Custom Furniture, Painting, financial planning

Size: 110 m2

Fotographer: Demi Visser


Client: ''I wanted to change the atmosphere of a real estate agency and create a place where you can feel relaxed.''

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